Although not on television, the FBI Anon, as he is known in Clinton Foundation and PizzaGate research-circles, has become a celebrity of sorts in this election. Some question his/her authenticity, but you can decide for yourself (open or download PDF at the end of this post, for a night of fascinating reading.)

I, myself, believe the FBI Anon is extremely credible, and if I questioned him/her before…then the fact that someone does NOT want people to read what Anon has to say…makes them all the more credible to me.

As I explain on the “About This Blog” page, this website is not a news source, but it is a look at how the entertainment industry has been corrupted by government organizations, foreign governments, and organized crime, specifically The Clinton Foundation. Hollywood has become another arm of the government, and it must be stopped cold in it’s tracks.

They are attempting to use Hollywood, as some sort of brainwashing tool against middle class Americans. Hopefully this blog will be a place to share new, more exciting forms of entertainment and information, such as your favorite online youtube celebrities, or websites, in the hopes that Americans can see that television and film, is pure poison, and there are so many more creative things to do.

Here is an intersting read, made all the more fascinating, by the simple fact that so many people don’t want you to see it.

A bit of the backstory…

Apparently, as many of us do, Anon was lurking on 4Chan, in a group called /pol/.

You can fact-check me on this if you like, because I am cobbling the story together, from the point where I began lurking on 4Chan, which was after the FBI Anon had left.

A lot of amazing research was developing very quickly on 4Chan, and the Anon jumped on a couple of times, but jumped off and deleted the account after they were done posting. He/she, claimed to be currently working for the FBI, and was trying to help point people in the right direction, without giving away who they were.

The original  conversation with the FBI Anon took place last summer, but not long afterwards, 4Chan banned the entire thread, which has disappeared for good…

but then, does anything really disappear for good on the internet?

Someone atchived the Q&A, in anticipation of it being deleted.

Below are the transcripts of the FBI Anon’s one and only, live Q&A, before he/she deleted their account and was, poof…gone!

Is the FBI Anon real?

You decide…


FBIAnon AMA transcript 1-7