PizzaGate: The ART…


Below is artwork that is either haning in Tony podesta’s house, or was at one time hanging in Comet Pizza, or was created by the same artists.

BELOW: Artist redition of seriously creepy performer, Amanda Kleinman, of the bands Heavy Breathing and Sex Stains, who uses a voice altering device and appears in the video below, joking about pedophilia, with a patron.




Above: A birthday party for artist and promoter, Sasha Lord, who is one of James Alefantes and the Podesta’s favorites.



Alefantes and Podesta: Favorite artists…

ABOVE: Artwork OWNED and hanging in the home of Tony Podesta, in plain view, for all to see.

Above: Artwork that USED to hang inside of, supposedly “kid friendly,” Comet Pizza, before the WikiLeaks were released.

Below: John Podesta’s offce, where he hangs his “Cannible” art, for reasons known only to him.



BELOW: A Video complation of artwork associated with musical acts performing at “kid friendly” Comet Pizza.