HOLLYWOOD PEDOPHILES 👉👉👉 EXPOSED ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!! The Clock is Ticking in Hollywood…


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Note: Apologies for the tongue-twister at the end. I meant to edit that out…but created this video in about 25 mins.

Also CORRECTION: The figure is $58 BILLION, not $58 Million as I read it!

(Even worse!)


Dear Hollywood: You asked for it…and now you shall surely get it!

America is coming for you Hollywood, and you won’t be able to hide your secrets anymore. You’ve insulted us…called us nasty names, you’ve tried to “control” millions of Americans, something you haven’t the brains, skills or power to do, and I promise you…

it’s about to blow up in your faces.

Americans are sick and tired of you Hollywood CREEPS slamming and slandering our President 👉 President Donald J Trump 👈 and we don’t give a FAT FIG about your political opinions, what we care about is your sexual indiscretions with children!

As a matter of fact your so-called “Hollywood status” is meaningless in 2017!!!

Get this through your thick, egotistical, demented heads: We have the ability to dig around in your lives…as never before… and the gloves are now off.

Look out Hollywood…because America is coming.