Never Watch Television: It’s sole purpose is to CONTROL you…



The above video is posted on a “PAGE” that is permanently located on the side panel of this blog. The sole purpose of that “PAGE” will be to collect interesting links to videos, articles and websites, who are geared towards scientific research, that demonstrates just how damaging the television and other forms of media, including print, really are, not only to your mind, but your spirit, body, health and mental stability.

The InfoWars tag line is 100% accurate;

“There is a war on for your mind,”

and many, unfortunately, will never see it. It was designed that way. It’s an invisible war.


I used to love television and film. When I use the word “love” I really mean it. I grew up watching the TV, and can remember watching some of the most famous movies ever made, sitting in the living room with my mom and dad. In the case of a movie like The Wizard of OZ, which only aired once a year (Christmmas Eve) the anticipation was just as exciting as the movie: We couldn’t wait for the movie to start! It was a family event. Even my mom and dad loved it.

There has never been a time in my life when I have not enjoyed television…until recently.

Something strange began to happen to me, physically, around 2003. Even though I had left my stressful job at CNN, and moved to NYC, where I was working succesfully as a freelancer on my own schedule, I was still getting more stressed out by the day.

I switched to freelancing for entertainment networks, because it’s much less stressful than the news, as you can imagine.

I was still, consistently, becoming more and more and more stressed out.

Here’s the “TV Guide” version of the the story:

“A broadcast professional seeks to find relief from her stress, when years later, she realizes the source of her growing stress, is the very product she has produced for 20 years.”

I sat down one day, and it felt as though my insides were trying to crawl out of the pores of my skin!

I distinctly remember that the television was on, and as soon as I turned it off…as soon as THOSE SOUNDS stopped coming into the room…it all began to melt away.

Here is a youtube list of videos concerning 444 Hertz SOUND FREQUENCY:

Here is a youtube list of videos concerning 432 Hertz SOUND FREQUENCY:

Here is a youtube list of videos concerning 440 Hertz DAMAGING SOUND FREQUENCIES which they USE now in broadcasting:

The constant stream of NOISE has ended in my house and my stress is gone.

I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

I’m angry that I have been manipulated this way, my entire life, and now that I’ve accepted that the television is a weapon, being used against all of us…

it’s so easy to turn it off.


Although not on television, the FBI Anon, as he is known in Clinton Foundation and PizzaGate research-circles, has become a celebrity of sorts in this election. Some question his/her authenticity, but you can decide for yourself (open or download PDF at the end of this post, for a night of fascinating reading.)

I, myself, believe the FBI Anon is extremely credible, and if I questioned him/her before…then the fact that someone does NOT want people to read what Anon has to say…makes them all the more credible to me.

As I explain on the “About This Blog” page, this website is not a news source, but it is a look at how the entertainment industry has been corrupted by government organizations, foreign governments, and organized crime, specifically The Clinton Foundation. Hollywood has become another arm of the government, and it must be stopped cold in it’s tracks.

They are attempting to use Hollywood, as some sort of brainwashing tool against middle class Americans. Hopefully this blog will be a place to share new, more exciting forms of entertainment and information, such as your favorite online youtube celebrities, or websites, in the hopes that Americans can see that television and film, is pure poison, and there are so many more creative things to do.

Here is an intersting read, made all the more fascinating, by the simple fact that so many people don’t want you to see it.

A bit of the backstory…

Apparently, as many of us do, Anon was lurking on 4Chan, in a group called /pol/.

You can fact-check me on this if you like, because I am cobbling the story together, from the point where I began lurking on 4Chan, which was after the FBI Anon had left.

A lot of amazing research was developing very quickly on 4Chan, and the Anon jumped on a couple of times, but jumped off and deleted the account after they were done posting. He/she, claimed to be currently working for the FBI, and was trying to help point people in the right direction, without giving away who they were.

The original  conversation with the FBI Anon took place last summer, but not long afterwards, 4Chan banned the entire thread, which has disappeared for good…

but then, does anything really disappear for good on the internet?

Someone atchived the Q&A, in anticipation of it being deleted.

Below are the transcripts of the FBI Anon’s one and only, live Q&A, before he/she deleted their account and was, poof…gone!

Is the FBI Anon real?

You decide…


FBIAnon AMA transcript 1-7

What is Hollywood hiding?


They have weaponized Hollywood, and this is the result. It’s a world where facts don’t matter and their version of “love” is pure unadulterated hate and vitriol.

In the upside-down world of the anti-feminist (because these women are making other women look like idiots) and brainwashed huma-trons (because apparently, not all feminists are actually women now-a-days) this is what it looks like…

Feminism, invented from whole cloth, looks exactly like a room, half-full of empty-eyed females, wearing  pink fuzzy hats.

This is important work.

Nothing says: “take me seriously,” more than a group of middle-age grannies, wearing pink fuzzy hats with cat ears, unless it’s a person dressed like a giant vagina.

Don’t try to tell them that you don’t care what the President said, 20 years ago, in a locker room. These self proclaimed “lover’s of free speech” will rip your faces off with their teeth, if you try to talk some sense into them.

This is the “serious” work they’re doing, folks.  Just read their shirts!

Very serious stuff.

If you ever doubted that the government was quite literally “experimenting” on us, even as American Citizens, or that the media, entertainment and the music industry, is using debilitating and brain-scrambling frequencies, to twist our minds and DNA into knots, it’s all captured in living color, in the demented images above, or maybe it’s the one below…I can’t remember.

Or perhaps it’s the giant vagina outfit that screams:

“Hi! Someone stole most of our  brain matter. Have you seen it?”


Note: Not that it matters, because these people have been completely trained to by-pass logic and move straight to ‘screech and attack’ mode, but it’s A-OK to support  Bill Clinton, the verified rapist and his rape-enabling, pathological liar, Luciferian partner-in-crime, Hillary…because CNN told them it was ok, and that was backed up by Miley Cyrus.

Add to that mix, a parade of unzipped Hollywood harpies, having multiple public meltdowns, in which they insult, condemn, threaten, shriek and call themselves VICTIMS, and you’ve got  yourself a real boatload of questions left.

What the Hell is Hollywood HIDING?

What was once a stream of pretty talented people, who wandered in and out of our lives via the big screen and the boob-tube, have, in the flash of an eye, transformed into a gang of no-talent thugs, that hurl lies, threats, accusations and hatred towards their own audience, and a vast majority of Americans.

Do they believe that this will change people’s minds?

This is verifying, beyond all doubt, that I made the exactly right choice!

Here’s the real question:

What are they hiding?

There is a gaggle of Americans that have lost their ability to think for themselves, and many of them are part of a generation that has purposely been poisoned, mind controlled and brainwashed by their television sets, computers, cellphones and playlists.

They are bombarded with ideas, that are re-enforced by the media, such as questioning their sex organs, at the age of three.  Why?

They have been told by the media, that some people’s lives don’t matter, and been given permission by the media, to hurt and even kill people they disagree with. Why?

The media commands that these people, ignore the cache of emails that Hillary Clinton has hidden from the public, lied to Congress about, and destroyed, after being given a Congressional subpoena, and their pre-programmed drones obey.

They have been programed to believe that they don’t have to give an explanation for Hillary’s emails, they simply call Donald Trump a Nazi, blow a loud horn, scream over them, call names, or turn around and walk away, but whatever you do, you don’t engage in a debate.  They have literally been taught, that they do not have to defend Hillary’s illegal activities, they only have to attack Donald Trump. These people have been instructed by the Great and Powerful OZ, to close their mind and lock it up, proving that; with certain people, the toxins, the frequencies, the pollution, the chemicals and the brainwashing combined, have become an effective weapon, therefore evident to those of us who see it. 

It’s too bad for the “Shadow Government,” that it didn’t work on most Americans.

Most of us were busy working all day and night, and had no time for television.

Hillary Clinton mocks the very people who voted for her, calling them “stupid, easily manipulated,” and saying that she …”just doesn’t relate to them anymore.” In front of a room full of donor-elites, (who her staff later refers to as “clowns” in the WikiLeaks) she insults her own constituency, but it’s all ok, because CNN told them to ignore that.

They ignore loads of evidence that the Clinton Foundation is rife with drugs, human trafficking, and the sale of babies and children, for sex, because CNN has told them, for years now, that the Clintons are plagued by “conspiracy theories.”

Anyone attending the “Women’s March,” who wasn’t a practicing Satanist, a Hollywood extra, or a paid agitator, has literally been stripped of their ability to form an independent thought, through a constant stream of agenda-filled music and productions, provided by corporate thugs.

These “Women’s March”-women are more like a brain damaged cult, than any kind of meaningful movement. They are so programmed, that they all repeat the exact same phrases, wear the same bizarre get ups, and parrot the same FAKE NEWS LIES, as if it was a sacred mantra.

Jake Tapper knew he could tell “his people” that it was illegal to read the wikileaks, and they would simply obey.

Now they’ve resorted to wearing pink-pussycat hats with ears.

If they are doing this for credibility, it’s a giant economy-sized fail.

Their bizarre little bubble, is re-enforced on music award shows and late night shows…because who knows more about politics than rappers and bad comedians?

Their minds are made up!

They’ll blow a horn in your face if you mention pedophilia and the torture of children…for one reason:

because they don’t want to be informed, they prefer to live in the make-believe bubble that the Satanic elite, the corporate media and corrupt government agencies have created for them.

As they used to like to say in the movies, before Hollywood was 100% weaponized, and reduced to electronic poison:

“Something stinks fellas!”