About This Website…

NOTE: There are NO ADS on this website. I makes NO money off of this, and as a matter of fact, I pay for the hosting.

I’m doing this for one reason only, and that is to fight back, join other patriotic voices and create a big loud boom!

Besides spreading truth and shining a light on what these truly evil people have been doing over decades, at our expense, it’s time to GLORIFY both GOD and AMERICA!

We are the most fortunate people on the planet, to be citizens of United States of America, no matter if you were born here legally, or came here to love this land, legally, and make it a part of your own family history.

Never before, as a direct result of this election, have I appreciated God, the sovereignty of the United States, and the importance of prayer.

The revelations in the WikiLeaks are too much to ignore and mainstream media has proven to be complicit in these latest, most sickening surprises.

Devil worship, blood sacrifices, Moloch, spirit cooking, FBI pedophile codes, torture chambers, strange stories of hot dogs and pizza, pizza, pizza.

It’s pretty clear, at this point, that Hollywood, the music industry, the CIA, the FBI, the DNC and every other government agency you thought was patriotic towards the country that made their careers possible, are all nothing but a gang of thugs and cowardly crooks, of the  most sickening variety.

We are talking the sale of little children, for the purposes of torture, sex, and worse. We are talking about a society full of pedophiles, Luciferians, Kabbalists and Satan Worshippers.

This blog is not a news source.


Expect anything and everything here.


Never watch television.

PizzaGate is real.