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Hi Internet Friends,

If you come to this blog, I suspect you’ve been disappointed lately, because I haven’t uploaded anything for a while.

That’s because I’ve been working on a series for my YouTube Page (link below) called Turn it Off, about Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino :


Currently I have spent the past month researching Aquino (pictured above) who was an avowed satanist and yet had worked his way up the Army promotion ladder, becoming so influential that, in spite of being accused in multiple cases of satanic ritual child abuse, located in towns and cities that were miles apart, he was able to come out of it unscathed. Aquino, who was linked to MK Ultra and other black military operations involving mind control, has been interviewed, and has attempted to sell his brand of mind control as a weapon for peace.

People like Cathy O’Brien would differ with him.

Since I also have a blog called: Voices For Justice (link below,) which I started around 2007 as a voice for children who had been kidnapped or murdered, and were further abused by our broken system, I’ve decided that it’s time to start linking both blogs.

This is about our most precious resource and our country’s hope for the future. It’s about the lives of little children, who can’t defend themselves.

Researching Micheal Aquino sent me down multiple rabbit holes, including Project Paperclip, UFOs, Masons, Illuminate and Alester Crowley, all topics, seemingly swirling around the disgusting satanic events that we have seen unfolding inside of our government now for many decades.

I created the blog Voices For Justice under my birth name, Linda Paris, but of course have a married name and other variations of my name, that I can use to write or produce various other projects.

Example: Crime writer Linda Paris (who writes about gory crimes) might not be the person to sell a children’s book, but perhaps McAllister could.

Deplorable McAllister is my Trump Campaign name, because during the election it was bad for business to be a Trump supporter…however…I no longer care about that aspect and now refuse to HIDE my political stance.


One thing is for sure; I flat out refuse to live in a country where I have to hide my political opinion forever.


Since censorship is running rampant across social platforms, speaking for myself, it gives me great pleasure to USE these platforms to my benefit. I will continue to keep a channel, UN-monetized, and make videos about what I want to, until they start cutting into my freedom of speech.

Safety nets are imperative.

I have several channels, under several email addresses set up in anticipation of just such an event, all the while this blog will be here as a constant resource, along with the Voices For Justice blog.

I’m not doing this for viewers or money.

I’m doing it to help get the truth out there…just like so many people are.

I found this guy today, while searching through YouTube…



I feel if all of us, who felt this kind of rage along with the NEED to SAY something about this…if we each had 30 followers and we were all spreading the TRUTH…soon the whole world would know, and there is nothing YouTube or Google or anyone else can do about it.

No matter how they try to censor me, you can always find me here or at Linda Paris Crime blog.

I also invite people to come to the chat there, which can be found here:


We are supportive of President Trump, and have created a little mini-news feed there over the years. Every morning we post news articles and it usually continues all day long.

This Aquino event was huge, in my opinion. Seems as though this man single-handedly transformed the Army into a bunch of practicing satanists.

To allow this man to go uncharged, when there is clearly probable cause for arrest and prosecution, defies credulity.

How did it happen?

We were on a  bad course already, but once we accepted the Nazi Elite into OUR government, things took a dramatic turn for the worse.

Stay tuned for Aquino videos…and more journal posts from the edge…

Deplorable McAllister (aka Linda Paris)


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