After realizing that the email exchange, on Christmas Eve, between John Podesta and Herb Sandler, made sense when substituting the FBI code words, frequently used by pedophiles, and yet made no sense at face value, I began to wonder about some of the other language used in this bizarre email exchange.



Considering the shocking revelations that were exposed through the private emails of John Podesta and Hillary Clinton, such as references to the ancient God, Moloch, and the mention of “sacrifices” to him, along with the habit of hosting “Spirit Cooking” events, it struck me that the inappropriate and repetitive use of the word “square,” could have some special significance, since it was used to describe objects like a box, something that is almost always square.

Indeed, I stumbled upon the phrase “Magic Squares,” while watching a totally unrelated video, and immediately thought of the email exchange.

Could the mention of squares reenforce the idea that the emails were related to some kind of ritual involving children?

As fantastic as it sound, I believe they could be.

Since the emails have never been denied, nor have they been addressed by any of the parties involved, we are left to our own imagination, in an attempt to decipher them. All we have to go on, is what we already know about these people to be fact.

The silence gets louder and louder, and considering the gravity of the situation, to believe that this will go away…is a lot like believing you can disappear. Wishful thinking.

This might be one of the most horrible things I’ve ever had to accept as being real, and I’m not a sheltered person. These people are little more than feral pigs. The fact that they have held positions of power is enough reason to hunt them down, and drag them by the necks, to the nearest prison.

There is nothing about this or them, that will ever be ignored or simply go away.

The more they censor, the more REAL #PizzaGate gets.

5 thoughts on “PODESTA EMAILS PART 3: MAGIC SQUARES and other Rabbit Holes…”

    1. “This evil is as ancient as it is horrific.”

      Afshin Nejat… The above quote from your comment is one of the most terrifying revelations of them all.

      It’s sickening enough to know that it really does exists, but the extent of planning and the decades of relentless scheming, make it all the more harrowing.

      Thank you for the link!

      1. In all the the things I’ve seen in the world, there is no greater goodness than is found in children, which makes me wonder where all these evil adults really originate, and this wicked mystery seems perniciously efficient at what it does, which is to eliminate genuine good adults from the world and replacing them with a buch of namby pamby sychophants ruled over by evil sadistic controllers. They keep tormenting the servile majority, of course, but the highest ranking demons drink at the fount. I wonder how many of these evil filth and their hateworthy sychophants were once children tortured like this. I wonder how many truly Good, Saintly people were. Are those we see manifest in their true glory the ones who escaped some filtration process early on so that those few change the world and reveal Truth, but those who don’t escape and can’t be corrupted are evilly destroyed? All later control grids seem like just an afterthought for the aftermath.

  1. I hope that somebody smart will sift through all of these emails and comes up with a one-page, bullet point summary of the most egregious blockbuster statements, so that everyone, even the Democrats, can understand why crooked Hillary is crooked.

    1. HI ajosare!!!

      That’s a VERY good idea!

      I will do exactly that…for each new email video I do…and then after I collect some videos…make a video OF ONLY the bullet points I’ve collected so far…what a great way to keep track of the information!


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