John Podesta Emails, The Square-Shaped Box and Honey Bee…

About a week ago I uploaded Part One of a video (link can be found below this short article) about one of the more intriguing Podesta emails, concerning a “handkerchief” with a “pizza related map” on it. Here is Part Two of that series:


Since I have been studying handwriting analysis, codes, cyphers, linguistics and other manner of forensic document examination, for a book I am currently writing, I have been dying to sink my teeth into these emails and analyze what is going on here.

As in code-breaking, the old fashioned way (without a computer program to spot these things for you,) the idea is to look for consistent patterns in language and terms used, that could be referencing codes, especially if the sentences don’t make much sense as they are written.

When the same words come up again and again, and seem to be out of context, you make note of them because they are most likely the code words.

The only way any of these emails make sense, is if they are speaking in code. The code they are using, has indeed been verified and long documented by the FBI, as codes used by pedophiles.

Here is the first video I created in case you missed it:

As it turns out I am not the only person who is fascinated by this particular email.

Please check out one of my favorite YouTube #PEDOGATE investigators:

The Honey Bee



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