#PresidentTrump the #LawandOrder President, has already begun to arrest the monsters responsible for HUMAN TRAFFICKING of Children.

JACK >>> Is what’s wrong with twitter. As long as Jack Dorsey is CEO of Twitter there will be no “hate speech” against pedophiles. It’s ok to threaten to murder Trump supporters and the President of the United States…but don’t you dare say anything about the creeps, who are out there molesting children, glorifying the idea of sex with a child…(as long as they claim they never acted upon it,) and destroying young, innocent lives.

The emotional catastrophies that these selfish perverts leave behind, in their quest to satisfy their carnal urges and psychological inferiority is incalculable.

Who, but the emotionally and intellectullay stunted, could look at the innocent face of a child and think of sex.

They are trying to normalize something that is an abomination.

Jack is one of “them.”

You’ll never have free-speech on Twitter.




Twitter CEO: "Making the good pasta, reading through some amazing parts of the satanic verses; the (golden) threads begin to intertwine…" from The_Donald









This is Jack using his social media platform to, to spread the idea that pedophiles are harmless creatures who need to be given RIGHTS, while it’s ok to shoot and kill the President of the United States.

People keep asking:

Why does Jack censor the people who are trying to stop pedophilia, and allow death threats, and Islamic mayhem?

Well, here’s your answer.

You will never have a fair platform with this Satanic, Globalist, pedophile-loving pawn, who wants to destroy God and America, and create a world of pedos, cannibles and Satan worshippers.

Twitter needs to be shut down.

Hopefully Jack is in the process of doing that now.









2 thoughts on “#TWITTERGATE #PEDOGATE #PIZZAGATE : The Problem with Jack…”

  1. Pedophiles Are part of American& World Fabric Now.. That’s What the NWO is All About..!! They are all Satanists… And Need to Be Destroyed.. Christianity is the Inly thing Standing in there Way Now…

    1. I agree 100%…TheEvent! The pedophiles are part of the Satanic agenda, whether they know it or not. It appears that they have been at this for decades…centuries even. It’s the kind of evil that’s hard to wrap your brain around…definitely a spiritual war!

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