WAKE UP AMERICA…Before it’s too late

How many pedophiles and Luciferians are involved with the enterainment industry?  Watch this video and decide for yourselves. There are some notes about this video and the music, below.

WAKE UP AMERICA…before it’s too late:


I have to thank my friend Erik Sizemore, (who’s music I used,) for red-pilling me, way before the election.

I will post a link to Erik’s music below, in case you are interested.

I also stole all of this video from OTHER videos, but there was NO SOURCE, or I would have happily given them credit here.

The clips above are extremely shocking, and so important. They demonstrate what is happening. Thank you, to whoever helped to compile any of the clips I used above.

Empire 44 : with Erik Sizemore

Erik Sizemore, Empire 44, music


5 thoughts on “WAKE UP AMERICA…Before it’s too late”

  1. Wow! Scary video. WTF happened? I can guess, we removed God from the equation of living. Godless people do terrible things to themselves and to others.

    1. Agree Canada Eve! Would even say that this is MOCKING God! Terrible when you see it altogether. Total Satanic effect! We need God now more than ever!

  2. McAllister!

    This is outstanding and thought provoking! I applaud your bravery in opening a discussion on these topics. The images you selected are as revealing as they are troubling. The over sexualization of children is a product of a sick and demented society.

    Bravo for your work ma’am!


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